WATCH: ‘Gorgasm’, ‘Dead Silence’ Come At You With Two Of The Hardest To Find SOV Movies

GorgasmThe Draculina ‘Gore’ Trilogy is complete. SRS Cinema will be releasing two ultra-rare movies from the earliest days of shot-on-video motion pictures: Hugh Gallagher’s ‘Gorgasm’ as well as his very first work with the title ‘Dead Silence’. Both films will be available on limited editio Blu-ray and, of course, on VHS. Come on inside for details and the release trailer for ‘Gorgasm’.

GorgasmFirst up, there is the missing piece to Hugh Gallagher’s SOV ‘Gore’ trilogy, ‘Gorgasm’. Last year SRS Cinema released ‘Gorotica’ and ‘Gore Whore’ on limited edition Blu and VHS, which are actually the second and third movies respectively in the series. Now fans can complete the story arc with the movie that started that infamous line up, a trilogy often referred to as the ‘American Nekromantik’. Fans can lock down ‘Gorgasm’ by itself, or grab all three movies in one shot at a discounted price.

‘Gorgasm’ tells the story of Tara, a psychotic call girl, has a strange obsession with giving men the ultimate climax. Chase is a detective out to stop her killing spree.

Dead SilenceAlso up this Sunday is Gallagher’s very first movie from before the ‘Gore’ movies changed SOV… his rarely seen and barely released feature ‘Dead Silence’. See where the sickness began. Fans will also have the option to buy all four movies and own the entire Hugh Gallagher line up at a discounted price.

In ‘Dead Silence’, a reporter falls afoul of a man possessed by the spirit of an executed murderer.

‘Gorgasm’ and ‘Dead Silence’ will be available solo on Blu-ray or VHS. Fans ill have the options to buy the entire ‘Gore’ trilogy in one lot or even all four of Hugh Gallagher’s movies together for a reduced price.

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