Vilsen (The Loss) – 2014

When you think Swedish mystery and detective films, you probably think Beck or Wallander. Do not, in this case. Director Rasmus Tirzitis and author Omar Fye have set out to explore this category from a new angle, with the ambition to make a film that stands out within the Swedish detective genre. An independent project like this needs all the help it can get. If you ask yourself how you could help, or what this has to do with horror, come on in and find out. We even have the brand new teaser for you.

The Gothenburg police officer Göran Lidman leads an investigation into what is seemingly a series of ritual killings, during which the killer carves a symbol into the victims. Furthermore, all the murder appear to have an obvious connection to the occult world.

When the former Reverend Gabriella Berggren comes to the police station with new and significant information, Lidman reluctantly agrees to cooperate with her, and together they take on the hunt for the murderer.

The investigation takes them deeper and deeper into a dark world where logical thinking and reason no longer apply, and Lidman is forced to question their own values in order to be able to predict the killer’s next step.

Stare into the abyss long enough, and the abyss will stare back at you…

The makers a going for a raw and look and feel for ‘Vilsen’, and the audience should feel as a third party witness to the situation, constantly being in the loop. Filming will mostly take place in 2012 and 2013 in Västra Götaland with a focus on Göteborg, with some scenes filming in Stockholm. As filming will take a considerable time, post production will begin parallel to the later part of shooting.

To raise funds, the producers have chosen to utilise the film’s Official Website and accept donations via PayPal and Credit Cards to production company Branbomm Film. ‘Vilsen’ is currently filming.

Official Website [SE]Official Facebook [SE]

Release Date: (2014)
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish

Director: Rasmus Tirzitis
Author: Omar Fye

Göran Sjögren – Inspector Göran Lidman
Christian Kinell – Inspector Anders Nordström
Alexandra Zetterberg – Pastor Gabriella Berggren
Yohanna Idha – Siri
Lars Väringer – Police Chief Eric Vontrist
Johan Gry  – Collector Markus Cederström
Kjell Wilhelmsen – Hoffa
Margareta Strand – Yvonne Lidman
Karl Lindqvist – Dino
Klas Ekegren – Robin
Johan Sjöborg – Johansson
Christian Ericsson – Klintan
Monika Sahlin – Johanna
Oliver Lygnerås -Sebastian Lidman
Stefan Cronwall – Björn Lidman
Berit Sarvisé – Medium Vikki Shauni
Fredrik Thorsson – Peter Eriksson
Milla Löjdström – Maria Högberg
Anders Menzinsky – Mattias Asplund
Magdalena Vidsäter – Lea Paulsson
Henric Brandt – Elvis

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