Villanelle – 2012

‘Villanelle’, an upcoming horror-noir feature film from director and author Ricky Lapadre, and first feature film produced by Cut To The Chase Productions based in Rhode Island, is in the final stages of editing. The first screening will be held in August before ‘Villanelle’ hits the festival circuit. Read on for more information, how to be one of the first to see the film, and to watch the first trailer.

‘Villanelle’ tells the story of a hard drinking but honorable, down on his luck,  detective Travis Burke (Rich Tretheway). After a storied career as Boston Police Detective taking down high profile criminals, Burke has an indiscretion and is compelled to leave his life behind. Making the difficult decision to stay in law enforcement, he gets exiled to the township of New Shoreham, where he’s made Chief of Police.

Old habits die hard for Chief Burke, who is pulled back into his old school sense of justice when he’s approached by Dawn (Gillian Williams), an intriguing, beautiful, and mysterious woman who was attacked, and left for dead.

“‘Villanelle’ was originally intended to be a short,” tells us author and director Ricky Lapadre about the development of the project. “I had the concept for a few years but didn’t give it the time of day until I met Rich Tretheway. I ended up writing the character of Burke for him. Other inspiration came from Harvey Bullock from ‘Batman the Animated Series’. We shot the film in about 20 shooting days including many on Block Island. Getting to the island ate most of our limited budget of $3500 we raised on Kickstarter, but it was well worth it.”

The story of ‘Villanelle’ takes place during New Shoreham’s off season, a small island community that thrives with tourists during the summer months, but quickly becomes desolate the remainder of the year.

While the setting sounds like one you would find in many genre films – desolate small town on a remote island, Ricky and his team went down a different path. “‘Villanelle’ is Horror-Noir in it’s purest sense.” explains Ricky about his film. “What exactly does that mean? Well, Horror-Noir is a genre that takes the grit, feel, and snappy dialog of a Mickey Spillane type detective drama, and combines it with the suspense, terror, and supernatural elements that used to make horror so much fun! In this sense, it revitalizes and holds true to two time tested genres.”

To find out more about ‘Villanelle’, check out the official Facebook page for the film. If you are anywhere near Lincoln, Rhode Island on Saturday August 18, make sure to catch the first screening of ‘Villanelle’ at  Cinema World on George Washington. There will be two screening, at 7:00pm and 9:00pm respectively with cast and crew present to answer questions after each screening. A Facebook page for the screenings has been set up as well.

Official Facebook

Director: Ricky Laprade
Author: Ricky Laprade

Rich Tretheway – Burke
Gillian Williams – Dawn
A.J. Paratore – Freddo
Ally Tully – Amber
Arthur Wahlberg – Don
Alexandra Cipolla – The Winters Girl
David Langill – Carl Peter
Michael Varrati – Victim
Brandon Luis Aponte – Eddy / Freddo’s Voice
Bernard Larrivee Jr – Williams
Dennis Hurley – Jay
Gio Castellano – Shane
Amber Kelly – Sandy Keller
Kileen Gilroy – Elizabeth Blakely
Andre Boudreau – Mike
J.V. Houlihan Jr. – Forklift Operator
Lisa Boudreau – Librarian
Sunny Duane – Susan
Mark Carter – Gemini
James Langill – Chief James Langill

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