Vampires Vs Leprechauns – 2013

Also from Causeway Pictures, the Belfast based production house behind ‘Deadlocked’, comes the mythical and dark horror fantasy ‘Vampires Vs Leprechauns’, and today we have the first look inside this project that fuses drama, action and fright, directed by Allan Gildea and written by Spence Wright. A secret lies hidden beneath the sleepy village Comhla Breac. Locals find themselves besieged by creatures of the night intent on releasing the evil that lurks in the deep. But do they have to stand alone? Come inside and watch the fist ever released clip “The Map”.

Aine is an angst ridden, fiery teenager who longs to leave behind the one horse town of Comhla Breac and her half crazed, myth obsessed Grandfather.

Conroy is an Irish storyteller of old who both longs for and dreads the day when his beloved Granddaughter must embrace her true and fearful destiny.

Jarl is a Viking marauder damned to eternal darkness. He and his feral horde long for a new and terrible dawn in which the Vampire will once more reign supreme.

Conlon, Carroll and Carlin are three irreverent, roguish and fearless Leprechauns longing for the night they are called ‘topside’ to kick some fanged, vampire arse. That night is here.

When ‘The Oldest Evil Meets the Last Legend’, expect pitch black humour and pitch perfect, magic infused fight sequences. ‘Vampires Vs Leprechauns’ mixes myth and mirth, drama and devilry in a high octane, high concept reboot of both Irish and Vampire legend.

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Release Date: August 1, 2013
Country: Ireland
Language: English

Director: Allan Gildea
Author: Spence Wright