Tolko Ne Oni! (Not Only They!) – 2012

We have the teaser trailer for you for Alexander Boykov’s rather unusual project ‘Tolko Ne Oni!’ (Not Only They!), a Russian post-apocalyptic comedy about five unlikely heroes, who hate the city and a number of totally random encounters in an empty half-destroyed city.

The Mayan apocalypse did not happen, but we will probably never stop to fantasise about it, or any apocalypse for that matter, could happen, what it’s consequences might be, and how life would reshape itself after the end of civilisation as we know it. For the mots part, it is envisioned dark and gloomy, but director and producer Alexander Boikov went down a different path, comedy. And he has been asked many times over “why do comedy? Where is the joke?”His response to it is: “It is really a comedy and the trailer is comedic. But in every conversation and interview we try to explain, that ‘Tolko Ne Oni!’ is more than just comedy. Actually, this movie is more about the very serious subject of Heroes than it is laugh out loud funny.”

‘Tolko Ne Oni!’ (Not Only They!) was filmed this summer (2012) in Tolyatti, Russia, and combines influences fro various films like ‘Nuclear Hangover’, ‘I am Legend’, ‘Superbad’ and the ‘Resident Evil’ franchise.

‘Tolko Ne Oni!’ (Not Only They!) will be release in 2013, exact dates although were not yet available at the time of this writing. With any luck, we will be seeing the film also in international markets.

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