The Case of Mary Ford – 2013 (Short)

‘The Case of Mary Ford’ is adapted from the award winning short story by John Mole and tells  the story of  the Greek legend of the Vrykolakas, a vampire from the sea. The film by award winning director Ben Mole has just been completed and is  starting the international festival circuit now. Come on in for more info and the first stills.

New York City, 1913. Recent Greek immigrant Mary Ford is accused of killing her lover. Mary claims the real murderer is her husband. But her husband is already dead. Maria’s defense relies on the story of how she came to America. Her tale begins five thousand miles away in her birthplace in the old world, a village on the shores of the Black Sea in Greek Asia Minor. Here, a web of jealousy, intrigue, mystery, deceit, murder and finally  escape leads us to a dramatic climax, in which love endures beyond the grave.

‘The Case of Mary Ford’ stars Branko Tomovic (Entity), Yannis Stankoglou (Hostage) and Dimitra Hatoupi (The Third Night) alongside newcomer Tamar Karabetyan.

Release date and upcoming festival screenings have not been officially announced at the time of this writing.
Official Website

Release Date: (TBA)
Country: UK, Greece, Turkey
Language: English

Director: Ben Mole
Author: John Mole

Tamar Karabetyan – Maria
Branko Tomovic – Adonis
Yannis Stankoglou – Giorgos
Dimitra Hatoupi – Vasilikis
Nikoletta Vlavianou – Matchmaker
Vaso Tsekoura – Maria’s Mother
Errikos Litsis – Maria’s Father
Miltiadis Papanagnou – Priest
John Fortune – The Man

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