The Art of Killing – 2014

Principal photography is already underway for director Gregory W. Brock and author Cheyenne Gordon’s forthcoming horror feature ‘The Art of Killing’, about Alli Chambers, a young high school student who begins asking questions when two of her classmates are brutally murdered, while a detective begins to realize that the murders are based on famous works of art. Come inside for details, the first teaser, and how you can still get involved in ‘The Art of Killing’.

One aspect that makes ‘The Art of Killing’ unique among horror films is the fact that the cast is clueless as to who the killer is. Each cast members’ character could be the killer but this secret will be kept under wraps until the final hour. The makers have gone as far as leaving the final pages out of the shooting scripts that were handed to the cast. Naturally, everyone has tried numerous times to guess, however, there’s no way to know for sure. During recent shooting of the murder scenes, the killer comes on set in full costume and is unable to interact with the rest of the cast until they are in the scene with the victim. Then they are shuttled off to another location, hidden from the rest of the cast until the next time they are asked to don the costume.
From what we hear from the set, the cast on this project have become a very closely knit group and getting stronger by the day. The core group of teens, portrayed by Jackie Pitts, Katherine Coolidge, P.J. Mullings, Julia Rosenberg, Joey Johnson and Michael Rodriguez, have all grown into their characters by leaps and bounds and bringing them to life. Some of the other talented cast members include actors Cyndi Crotts, Jara Apawni, David Raizor, Lowrie Fawley, Caulin Donaldson and newcomer Jared Miller, who have all shown persistence and drive in order to make ‘The Art of Killing’ the best it can be.
And here is where you come in:  ‘The Art of Killing’ currently has an Indiegogo Campaign, where the audience has the opportunity to save their favorite character’s lives in the story, which potentially changes the outcome of the film. There are several options to give each character a specified amount of votes for each donation level. Each character has made a plea for his or her life in a video you can watch on the IndieGoGo Campaign, and via the Official Facebook page for ‘The Art of Killing’. Don’t let your favorite character die! Donate and help save them. Of course, for every donation there are interesting perks as well.
‘The Art of Killing’ is a very ambitious project with a character driven script that promises many twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat, with the driving force behind it being the cast and crew.

Official WebsiteOfficial FacebookIndieGoGo Campaign

Release Date: (TBA)
Country: USA
Language: English

Director: Gregory W. Brock
Authors: Cheyenne Gordon, James Smith

Jackie Pitts – Alli Chambers
Jeremy Rubio – Detective Aiden Howell
Joey Johnson – Gavin Reese
Julia Rosenberg – Jess Floyd
Michael Rodriguez – Ben Morris
Phillip Mullings Jr. – Nico Martin
Katherine Coolidge – Heather Jenkins
Lowrie Fawley – Commissioner Sharon Chambers
Melissa Goggans – Ms. Billings
Luis Antonio Howard – Detective Adams
Jara Apawni – Tara Cole
Edge Miller – Jimmy Lloyd
Caulin Donaldson – Scott Watson
Nathan Delcastillo – Brandon
Alisa Baez – Monica Harris
Tony Riha – Mr. Harris
Cyndi Crotts – Mrs. Crowe
David Raizor – Principal Davis
Terence Van Auken – Coach Jones
Jamie Aronson – Student in Art Class
Marci Blais – Amy
Larry Brewer – Frank
Brandon Davis – Detective Foley
Tanya McDonald – Haley Cornett

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