Taught In Cold Blood – 2012

Official Trailer for director P. David Miller and author Darien Harte’s upcoming horror thriller ‘Taught In Cold Blood’ about what happens when a serial killer recognizes himself in a young man and takes him under his wing to bring out the worst in him. An interesting and thought provoking spin on the serial killer theme.

P. David Miller is directing this feature with Danny Torres acting as both DP/Producer. ‘Taught In Cold Blood’ is produced by James Duval and Scott Hayman alongside Darien Harte who alos wrote yhe scipt and story, starring Mesindo Pompa, Luke Lippold, Sara Drust, Justin Hoffmeister and Loydene Williamson.

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Release Date: (TBA)
Country: USA
Language: English

Director: P. David Miller
Author: Darien Harte

Mesindo Pompa – Tony
Luke Lippold – Cameron
Sara Drust – Amy
Loydene Williamson – Linda
Justin Hoffmeister – Luke
Justin Cone – Stan
Colin McGurk – Jeremy
Nicky Korba – Young Cameron
P. David Miller – Young Cameron’s Father
Richard Scott – Bloody Forest Man
Marc Jeffreys – Nicholas Vashinsky
Jasmine Nicole Naziri – Rachel – Sleeping Wife
Chynna Johnson – Ginny
Bryant Arthur – Billy
Bethany Braun – Claire
Vance Fannin – Josh
Jorge Troche – Zach
Mark S. Curran – Gary – Sleeping Husband
Gino Costabile – Eddie Rex – Bar Guy
Blake Beaudette – Ryan
Sean DeGruy – Restaurant Manager

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