Synevir 3D – 2012

‘Synevir’ is the first ever 3D horror film shot in the Ukraine. According to the creators, brothers Alexander and Vyacheslav Alešečkiny, ‘Synevir’ is entirely an Ukrainian production, involving Ukrainian actors and investment. The story is based upon national mythology, history and beliefs. According to legend, in Transcarpathia, where the mystical lake Synevir is located, lives a strange and mythical creature with a human body a dog’s head. When a group of tourists cross paths with the creature, the horror begins…

Near the end of 1970s in Soviet Union an excursion into St.Sophia Cathedral. A group of tourists stops near the remains of medieval drawings on an ancient wall. The guide explains that these are the pictures of the buffoons. The drawings show several people with drums and flutes, others with shields and spears in their hands, surrounding a strange creature with a human body and the head of a dog. One of the tourists, 35 year old Egor gazes closely at them. The guide continues to talk monotonously about holidays, about mummer and the buffoon, about the origin of theater in ancient Russia. Egor gazes deep into the ferocious dog’s mouth.

It’s a small village lost in the woods near the mounting lake Synevir in the Soviet Carpathians. Sasha and Nastya who are brother and sister, sneak out of their parent’s house house in the morning to go on a fishing trip. They reach Synevir lake and quickly fill a whole bucket with fish, when they suddenly hear a shout coming out of the woods.

Also in the Carpathians is a camp on a clearing. A tent stands near the “Moskvich”. There are five students in the camp, three boys and two girls, good friends since they were in pioneer camp together. After some time of not seing each other, they once again gather near lake Synevir. One of them, who was born and grew up around the lake, tells a story about monsters with the head of a dog and human body, which supposedly used to live on the shores of lake.

Danik, his girlfriend Katya and another couple, Fedor and Nastya., decide to drive to the lake and spend the night there. One pair stays in the car, when they notice a shadow rushing across the car window. The girl gets frightened and suggests to lock the doors and stay in the car until morning, but her boyfriend laughs at her cowardice and gets out to check the area. As he can not find anyone, he returns to the car to find the doors open and the girl gone. When he sees his girlfriends legs protruding under a nearby bush, he expects a joke, but, moving closer, finds her covered in blood.

When he stumbles back to the car in shock, he hears a threatening growl out of the darkness, and the horror begins…

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Release Date: October 11, 2012 (Russia)
Country: Ukraine
Language: Ukrainian, English

Directors: Alexander Alyoshechkin, Vyacheslav Alyosheckin
Author: Alexander Alyoshechkin

Marchenko Zoryana – Masha
Yusipchuk Bogdan – Fedor
Voytenko Konstantin – Semen
Rudakov Ilya – Danik
Sivackaya Mila – Ivanka
Kozlov Filip – Sashko
Romanyuk Sergey – Egor
Chernyakov Victor – Director
EvgeniyMorozov – Lecturer
Demertash Victor – Policeman
Grigory Bokovenko – Grandfather Ivan