Rood (Red) – 2013 (short)

Fairy tales are, unlike the category may suggest, often far from a romantic depition of a perfect world. They are folk lore, often gritty and brutal, as one of the most well known collection gathered by the German brothers Grimm undoubtedly proves. Children get shoved into ovens, witches burn, and the elderly are torn apart by wild animals – the stuff horror films are made of. You may argue that its not all that bad since most of these horrendous stories end with “happily ever after”. But what if they don’t? Can you imagine the psychological strain it puts on a little girl to witnesses her grandmother being viciously attacked and killed by a wolf? Dutch author Fleur van Keimpema has done exactly that and, together with director Jasper ten Hoor, turned the possible result into the horror short ‘Rood’ (Red). Little Red Riding Hood, after many years, still suffer from the horrible events from her past. Come on inside and check out the trailer for what could be the sequel to the well-known fairy tale.Little Red Riding Hood (Sophie Vincent) has come of age, but the past still gives her nightmares. If they discovered evidence that the wolf is back to take revenge, she decides that it is time to fight with her biggest fear.
It’s been twenty years since the horrible events that happened to Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother. After the huntsman saved them and threw the big bad wolf in a deep well, everyone figured the nightmare was over and they could live happily ever after. But as a grown woman Red Riding Hood (Sophie van Winden) is still haunted by the past and afraid the wolf might return. The huntsman (Peter Tuinman) tries to help her with these fears, but they get worse when Red Riding Hood finds clues that the wolf is actually back for her. Red Riding Hood then decides it’s time to face her fears and end this nightmare herself.
‘Rood’ (Red) will premiere at the Nederlands Film Festival in Utrecht, NL, on Thursday, September 26, at 3:00pm and again be screening at the festival on Tuesday, October 1 at 10:15pm.

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Release Date: (TBA)
Country: Netherlands
Language: Dutch

Director: Jasper ten Hoor
Author: Fleur van Keimpema

Sophie van Winden – Red Riding Hood (adult)
Chiara Pennasilico – Red Riding Hood (child)
Robert Jan Heyning – man in village
Iris Van Geffen – woman in village
Peter Tuinman – Hunter

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