PLAY: Escape The ‘Green Room’ – 60 Seconds. Live Or Die. Your Choice.

Green Room - PosterPlay the game and experience the jaw-dropping ‘Green Room’ starring Patrick Stewart before it hits cinemas on Friday 13 May in the UK and Ireland on Friday 13th May. Can you escape the ‘Green Room’? To support the release of the upcoming exhilarating powerhouse ‘Green Room’, Altitude Film Distribution and Picturehouse Entertainment have unleashed a brand new bespoke and fully-immersive game. Come on inside for details, how to play, and the film’s official trailer.

Green Room - Poster‘Escape the Green Room’ brings the horror of the film to life through a Choose Your Own Adventure style game, all the thrills and chills the film has to offer right in front of you.

Green RoomThe highly anticipated film which features a gripping ensemble performance by Patrick Stewart, Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots, Alia Shawkat, Joe Cole, Macon Blair and Callum Turner, centers around the down-on-their-luck punk rockers The Ain’t Rights, who agree to a last-minute gig in a backwoods Oregon roadhouse. The gig soon takes a sinister turn as the band members stumble upon a grisly murder scene and find themselves targeted by a ruthless club owner and his associates, determined to eliminate all witnesses.

Green RoomWill you and your friends survive and ‘Escape the Green Room’? Find out at the link below. ‘Green Room’ comes to UK and Irish cinemas Friday 13th May.

Escape The ‘Green Room’

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