Olvídame (Forget) – 2013

We have the first trailer for you for Argentinian director and author Aldo Paparella’s forthcoming mystery thriller ‘Olvídame’ (Forget), starring Antonella Costa, Gonzalo Valenzuela and Mario Alarcón. Victor Terx, a young, attractive and mysterious man, performs his task as a preacher and the leader of an obscure sect of spiritualists. Come on inside for more, and the brand new official trailer.

‘Olvídame’ (Forget) is a thriller that takes place in the suburbs of Greater Buenos Aires. In this area, Victor Terx (Gonzalo Valenzuela), a young man, attractive and mysterious, performs his tasks as a preacher and leader of an obscure sect of spiritualist. Victor is a compulsive murderer who exercises the systematical killing of prostitution, who are also his casual partners.
Amber Atlas (Antonella Costa) is a young stripper in a nightclub and also works in the brothel. She possesses an unconventional beauty, and an exhilarating and disturbing sexuality. A devoted Christian, Amber longs for her own death and uses the search for sex as a vehicle of her own destruction.
Unable to stop the inevitable, Amber and Victor fall deeply and passionately in love, attracting and repelling each other, violently aware of the looming danger that stalks them both, and seems inescapable.

Together they embark on a dark and tortuous journey in order to find miraculous salvation, without mediums, sorcerers or shamans with their strange false rites.
A release date for ‘Olvídame’ (Forget) has not officially been announced at the time of this writing.

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Release Date: (TBA)
Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish

Director: Aldo Paparella
Authors: Aldo Paparella, Eduardo Leiva Muller, Dodi Scheuer

Antonella Costa – Ámbar
Gonzalo Valenzuela – Víctor
Mario Alarcón – Ayudante Dr. Atlas
Marco Antonio Caponi – Chico Beso Ambar
César Bordón – Amaya
Carlos Kaspar – Dr. Atlas
Carolina Laursen – Esmeralda
Matías Marmorato – Neiber
Susana Varela – Doña Dominga
Armando Naranjo – Enfermo Eutanasia
Agustina Dazza – Vir
Ximena Rijel – Rubia Platinada
Aldo Paparella – Hombre de la Corbata Chillona
Julia Dubra – Chica Cabaret
Pepijn Boot – Director Sesion Espiritista
Nicolás Albamonte – Tatuador
Ana Fink – Chica Cabaret
César Andre – Pastor Reclusos
Abril Lucía Nelson – Ámbar Niña
Rolando Rivadeneira – Narrator
Zulma Gofin – Enferma Eutanasia
Florencia Chiaramoni – Superheroina
Vadym Abramenko – Cliente Cabaret
Sabrina Machi – Medium María
Omar Sánchez – Dr. Skachok
Héctor Medina – Gaucho
Malvina Domansky – Espíritu Oscuro
Bárbara Nemirovsky – Medium María
Carla Barriga Montero – Mujer Boliviana
Evelyn Winnipeg – Mujer Boliviana
Brenda Urlacher – Sobrina Amaya
Ruslan Kulchenko – Cliente Cabaret
Natalia Recabarren – Ayudante Dr. Skachok
Ornella Riente – Modelo Fotógrafo
Roberto Pankow – Cabeza de Lombriz
Minoru Tajima – Fotógrafo

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