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NEWS: Hell Hunters Synopsis Revealed, First Teaser Poster and Comic Book Sneak Peek

On the heels of the announcement of the upcoming TV series “Hell Hunters” from creator Lawrence Donini and director Jourdan McClure, starring Bill Moseley and Michael Berryman, comes the release of the full synopsis, the first teaser poster and a sneak peek at the concept art for the comic book.

It is the winter of 1967 in the small city of Minot, North Dakota and Travis Werner (11), the sheltered son of Air Force Colonel, Jack Werner (42), is now the new kid on the block. Being the son of an Air Force Colonel can be tough on a kid, especially when he has to go wherever his father is sent to. In this case, Travis had to leave all his friends and family from the sunny climate and fast paced metropolis of Los Angeles, California to the much more frigid and slow paced city of Minot, North Dakota.

Once moved in to the Magic City, Travis ventures out to his new arctic world in search of new friends and activities. Upon his search, Travis makes a wrong turn into an alley where he sees the Tutweiler Bros, – Craig (13) and Jason (12) – beating up Frankie Valentino (11), a troubled and demented local kid, dressed in a World War 2 soldiers uniform and wearing a military issued gas mask. Before Frankie is almost pummeled by the bullies, Travis comes to Frankies rescue and saves him from any further beatings by the Brothers. Gratefully, Frankie takes Travis to his demented Grandma Ethel’s house and shows him the comic book, “Hell Hunters”, about a team of vigilante killers that murder the scum of the earth for a living. Travis is a bit wary about the whole killing people for fun persona, but eventually is coerced into taking on the comic book character in real life, with Frankie. Easily manipulated, Travis decides to take on the persona of Ajacks, as Frankie takes on the twisted role of Hazard.

Hazard’s and Ajack’s look in the local newspapers and missing persons reports and decide to solve unsolved crimes on their own, in their own sadistic way. They hunt down child molesters, rapists, child abusers and other scum, then torture and murder them before the police solve the crimes. With the combat training of World War 2 and Korean War Vet and Napalm Survivor, Sgt Lawrence Beasley, now the school Janitor, Travis and Frankie become their own hometown superheroes. They continue their comic book character personas all the way into adulthood, leaving a trail of victims in the thousands, across the Country.

As adults, they run into Jill Wellington, a sexy, tattooed waitress, with a secret blood fetish. As a waitress at an old Diner, she is constantly being sexually harassed by roughnecks, rednecks, her jerk of a boss, and other perverts. One day at work she snaps on a group of roughnecks and attacks one of them. Ajacks and Hazard are eating at the table next to the harassers and decide to step in, leaving a long lasting dining experience for all that survive the bloody restaurant massacre. Jill is indebted to Ajacks for saving her and falls instantly in love. They make a run for it and take off to Ajacks hometown of Los Angeles, seeking more scum to eliminate.

Hell Hunters - Comic Art courtesy Timmy and Gen Engelbrecht

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