NEWS: Welcome to ‘Hades’, a new Experimental Horror Short from Germany

Hades - PosterKevin Kopacka’s experimental horror short film ‘Hades’ has recently been finished and the result is pretty unusual. This goes not only for the unconventional blend of technologies utilized to shoot the film, old fashioned Super 8 intermixed with modern HD video, but also the visualization of the short story the film is based upon. If we did not get your attention thus far, consider that ‘Hades’ has recently been accepted for the International Short Film Corner for the Cannes Film Festival. Come on in and check out more details, exclusive stills, the official trailer and the poster.

HadesHadesThe story of ‘Hades’ is loosely based on the German language short story ‘Statusbezogen’ by H.K. DeWitt, although it takes on a more experimental approach. Despite the inspiration being German and the film having been lensed in Berlin, there will be no language barrier for an international audience as the entire film contains no spoken word and creates it’s atmosphere through soundscapes and music.

‘Hades’ tells the story of a woman who wakes up in a stranger’s bed. The reassuring sound of a shower in the background soothes her back to sleep, yet when she awakes again, she finds herself entrapped in a parallel world… or maybe hell. As she walks through the seemingly impossible structure of the house she is in, she begins to regain her memory. Each room and corridor symbolizes one of the five rivers of Hades that she has to cross to reach the end. She soon has to realize that her surroundings are slowly turing into a never ending nightmare.

HadesHades‘Hades’ was realized in collaboration with Crossbones Independent Films and FDF Entertainment, and starrs model Anna Heidegger, the musician Cris Kotzen and contemporary artist Iman Rezai in a guest role as Charon.

Filmmaker Kevin Kopacka was born in Austria. He moved to Germany to finish hsi studies in Fine Arts at the University of Arts in Berlin and work with painting and film, which explains the experimental nature of his short film as a mix between between art film and narrative. Kevin is also a huge horror fan. Already at age three he was obsessed with all things horror, much to the worry of his parents, and the genre has remained a big influence ever since. With ‘Hades’, Kevin aims to tip his hat to the horror of the 1960s and 1970s with a special nod to Dario Argento, creating an homage to gothic and giallo horror films transferred into our era.

HadesIn case the history buffs among you got confused somewhere on the way regarding the us of the titular “Hades”: While Hades was initially the God of the underworld in the belief of the ancient Greek, his name later came to designate the abode of the dead, the equivalent to the Christian “Hell”.

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