NEWS: Supernatural Thriller ‘Inoperable’ Starring Danielle Harris Filming This Month

Inoperable - Teaser ArtWriter and director is Christopher Lawrence Chapman’s new supernatural thriller ‘Inoperable’ starring Danielle Harris  starts filming this month. The cameras will be rolling on the new hospital themed horror feature in the Tampa Bay, FL area. Come on inside for details and the first teaser artwork.

‘Inoperable’ centers around a young woman in a seemingly evacuated hospital with a hurricane approaching that has awakened malevolent forces inside. The woman realizes she is trapped in a time loop and must escape the hospital before the storm passes, or she will be trapped there forever.

Inoperable - Teaser ArtWriter and director Christopher Lawrence Chapman, who previously directed ‘Morgan Pickett’s Charge’ and ‘The Accident’ also helped produce the new horror feature ‘Clowntown’. Jeff Miller (Clowntown, The Burning Dead) serves as Producer and also co-wrote the script.

‘Inoperable’ also stars ‘Clowntown’ alums Jeff Denton (The Beast Of Bray Road), Katie Keene (Union Furnace), and Chris Hahn (Axe Giant: The Wrath Of Paul Bunyan), in addition to Michelle Marin (The Gainesville Ripper), Cher Hubsher (My Super Sweet 16), and others.

Chapman’s Zorya Films is producing, in association with Miller’s Millman Productions. Robert Kurtzman’s Creature Corps has been hired to do the film’s makeup effects, with David H. Greathouse (Syfy Channel’s ‘Face/Off’) supervising, and he, Beki Ingram, and Barry Aslinger handling the bulk of the effects.

Giorgio Daveed is one of the producers and the Director of Photography. Philip Jessen serves as Unit Production Manager, Ashley Eberbach as First Assistant Director. Bobby Marinelli is tackling the task of Production Designer.

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