NEWS: Second Teaser for Irish Horror ‘Deadlocked’

On the heels of yesterdays introduction of author Spencer Wright and director Ryan Tohill’s upcoming Irish horror ‘Deadlocked’ along with the first teaser, we today have the second teaser for you inside.

The 2010 Icelandic Ash cloud unleashed misery across Europe. The 2012 Icelandic Ash cloud will unleash horror unimaginable.

Nadia is an office cleaner working to secure a better life for her child. Kincaid is a ruthless, corporate mogul on a business trip to Belfast.

As the ash descends in a virulent grey fog, the once ivory towers of the city are besieged by legions of grey spewing, black eyed and blood thirsty “Infected” after the residents of Belfast have turned into frenzied zombie like psychopaths. Nadia, Kincaid and a small group of colleagues must try to somehow survive the onslaught… and each other. Get Ready for a Hostile Takeover.

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