NEWS: Scream Factory to release ‘Death Valley’ and ‘The Island’ on DVD/Blu-ray

Great news to report for fans of classic 1980s cult horror films like ‘Death Valley’ and ‘The Island’: Scream Factory has a DVD/Blu-ray of both films in the works for later this year.

In Dick Richards’ 1982 horror thriller ‘Death Valley’, starring Paul Le Mat, Catherine Hicks and Stephen McHattie, a divorced mother, her young son and her new boyfriend set out on a road trip through Death Valley only to run into a local serial killer.

Michael Ritchie’s 1980 ‘The Island’ is more of an adventure drama than horror, starring Michael Caine, David Warner and Angela Punch McGregor. Michael Caine plays reporter Blair Maynard who, together with his son, investigates the mysterious disappearances of boats and yachts in the Caribbean. During their research, they run into John David Nau (David Warner) leads a band of modern day pirates and raiders.

The original plan to release the two cult favorites combined as a double feature on DVD only as been changed. They will now be split up and released separately as a DVD and Blu-ray combo to appease fans of both formats. he original key art will be used for the covers. Stay tuned for more details and the official street date.

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