NEWS: Sam Haynes Releases Electro Horror Album ‘Spine Chillers’

Sam Haynes - Spine ChillersLondon, UK, based independent Electro Horror music producer Sam Haynes has just released his new Halloween CD. For his latest release, Sam draws inspiration from the legendary horror music we all remember from the 1970s and 1980s, created by iconic composers such as Fabio Frizzi, John Carpenter, Alan Howarth and Goblin who are active in the genre to this day. Adding a modern twist to these great works, Sam has created a range of atmospheric masterpieces which might provide the soundtrack for a movie, or create one in your head. Come on inside and take a listen.

“The aim is to capture the mood and feeling of the holiday through the music,” Sam elaborates on his intentions behind ‘Spine Chillers’. “I want to offer something different for the holiday season, whilst paying tribute to classic horror themes. This music has been used in Horror films, Theme parks and Haunts worldwide.”

The album is out now on Amazon, iTunes and all good music stores. A limited edition black CD of ‘Spine Chillers’ with full colour artwork by Katchenstein housed in a jewel case is available directly from Sam Hayes Bandcamp page. The CD contains the full album plus bonus tracks.

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