NEWS: Psycho Rock Horror ‘Fading Away’ to Premiere in Cork, Ireland this Weekend

Fading Away - PosterThe Irish feature film ‘Fading Away’, co-directed by Edwina Casey, David Johnston and Lisa Winstanley, promises to make an impact on audiences when it has it’s world premiere in Cork, Ireland this Saturday, November 14. Anexample of Irish talent, the will be premiering during the Cork Film Festival. Filmbase’s master students of 2015 have created a star studded dark and gritty vision, think a modern Goethe’s ‘Faust’ with a rock attitude. Come on inside for details.

Fading Away‘Fading Away’ is a psychological horror, telling the story of Leila, the fearsome front-woman of a struggling rock band who has a diehard belief that her music will change the world. After meeting a mysterious mentor she inadvertently wishes the iconic album ‘Golden Boy’ from the band Double Eagle – out of existence, leaving the music her’s for the taking. As she struggles with her music, band and new love, her supernatural mentor proves to be a darker force than she realized.

Fading Away - Antonia Campbell HughesThe successfully crowd funded film stars Antonia Campbell-Hughes (The Other Side of Sleep, Kelly & Victor) with Kate Stanely Brennan (Dollhouse), Emma-Eliza Regan (Darkness at the Edge of Town, Out of Here) and Mark Huberman (Frank, Band of Brothers), featuring Jerry Fish all wrapped up in music by Irish band The Minutes. ‘Fading Away’ is co-directed by Edwina Casey, David Johnston, Lisa Winstanley and produced by Dave Minogue, Grace Coughlan and Andrew Loughran.

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