NEWS: New Poster, Creature Revealed For Chad Armstrong’s ‘Deimosimine’

Deimosimine - PosterAs production continues on the forthcoming horror creature feature ‘Deimosimine’, director Chad Armstrong has provided a first look at the new poster and creature design for the film with the artwork created by Dennis Preston. Makeup effects will be handled by John Harris, and his shop FX Magic is creating the creature. Come on inside for details and the first image of the creature sculpt in progress.

In ‘Deimosimine’, a heroin addict undergoes a radical new kind of treatment for her condition; but the drug ‘Deimosimine’ instead creates for her a world of horror and blood. Is she the victim? The monster? Or both?

Deimosimine - Poster

‘Deimosimine’ is scheduled for release later this year and is offering anyone who preorders any of the items from the official website an eventual reimbursement. The team are still raising funds to complete the creature which, after everything is said and done, will cost over 8K which is a majority of the budget on a small budget film. Chad and writer and producer Andrew Thompson have vowed to not take any profits until backers, cast and crew are paid back. The film stars newcomer Rhiana Howell, Ashley Coughlin, and Tom Hagale.


“Instead of starting a new crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter or Indiegogo you can pre-order perks on our official site for ‘Deimosimine’, explains Chad Armstrong. “This allows more of the funds to go into the production and spend less on fees that make it harder to reach our budget goals. We have vowed that everyone who pre-orders the film in any format or buys a “perk” from either our initial IndieGoGo campaign or from our official site will get reimbursed before we see a dime – so not only will you get a cool version of the film, screen credit, prop, etc., you will receive a full reimbursement after the film is released!  We just want to make this fucking movie.

“The anticipation and support of the film has been eye-opening, and we wanted to do something that rewards the backers one hundred percent. After all, without them there would not be a film. They are supporting an idea, and the people behind that idea, without even seeing any footage!  They want to be a part of something great, and we want them to be proud of it. It’s not my film, it’s not Andrew’s film, it’s our film, and by that I mean everyone who’s donated a buck, shared the film on social media, or did a write-up about it on their blog. We aren’t going to rush this out and have a tinfoil creature, or resort to sub-par CGI, it’s going to be epic.”

If you want to be a part of the film and help get the rest of the creature created, head on over to and get involved in the action.

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