NEWS: Ms. Vampy’s Love Bites – Episode 4: Dating A Friend’s Ex

Is dating for a vampire not, strictly speaking, just a rather complicated way to make their meal feel more comfortable? Apparently not, since there may be something more involved than making sure to get the best possible nutrition. Why else would a 110 year old vampiress give advice about the love affairs of mere mortals, right? And even tackle the difficult and, more often then than not, awkward subjects like dating a friend’s ex. Come on inside and find out what Ms. Vampy has to say about this touchy subject.

Dating someone is already complicated enough when it only involves two people. Wait, that sounded wrong, let’s rephrase that. Dating someone is already complicated enough when the feelings of only the two people involved have to be taken into consideration. There, that’s better. Then again, everybody is someone’s ex unless both of you stay with your first love from Kindergarten and take that relationship to new, and hopefully appropriate, level with age. While it does happen that High School sweethearts get married and stay together for the rest of their lives, it is far from the norm. Rule of thumb: When you read about it in the paper, it is probably not the typical thing to happen.

So chances are pretty high, as soon as you start dating someone, there is an ex in the picture somewhere. It might not actually have an effect on the budding relationship when you are taking your newly found romantic interest to that nice cafe in Los Angeles, where you both live and the ex has recently moved to, lets say, Siberia. Having the ex living closer is one thing, but what if you are actually friends? Then, matters get really complicated. Ms. Vampy has some advice for you if you are stuck with a situation like that. And don’t dismiss it, it might just happen to you.

And why are we featuring this in a horror publication, other than Ms. Vampy being a, well, vampiress? That you would ask that question proves you’ve never been in that situation. Otherwise you would know.

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