NEWS: Journey Into ‘The Twilight Zone’ With New Fright-Rags Collection

Fright-Rags The Twilight Zone 1Last year, Fright-Rags traveled to ‘The Twilight Zone’ by producing shirts based on some of the show’s most memorable episodes. The release was such a hit that the company is crossing over once again for a second collection of designs from Rod Serling’s classic anthology. Come on inside for details and designs.

Fright-Rags The Twilight ZonePaul Shipper captures the beauty of ‘Eye of the Beholder’, Kyle Crawford conjures the Mystic Seer from ‘Nick of Time’, and Coki Greenway plays with Talky Tina from ‘Living Doll’. If you can’t decide on an episode, Joe Guy Allard designed a baseball tee featuring the Twilight Zone logo.

Fright-Rags The Twilight ZoneJourney into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination by visiting Fright-Rags’ official website. ‘The Twilight Zone’ Vol. 2 collection is available now and ready to ship. The limited remaining quantity of Fright-Rags’ first ‘The Twilight Zone’ box set is also on sale.

Fright-Rags The Twilight ZoneKeep an eye on the Fright-Rags website, as several of the company’s popular designs will be available on baseball tees for the first time this Thursday, April 14.

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