NEWS: Horror Channel (UK) Highlights for July

Horror Channel’s big movie network premiere for July is ‘Donnie Darko’, Richard Kelly’s perplexing cult hit movie which was shot in 28 days and has a giant rabbit telling a troubled teenager that the world will end in 28 days. July also sees the UK TV premieres of ‘Crawlspace’, an Australian sci-fi thriller and the Icelandic monster movie ‘Hypothermia’, plus the network premiere of Brian De Palma’s psychological horror ‘Sisters’. Come on in for details and more about what is coming at you next month.

Providing hair-raising scares is the ‘Howling Mad! Season’, a collection of contemporary werewolf movies, featuring two UK TV premieres: the British-made thriller ‘Splintered’, and the award-winning Spanish horror comedy ‘Attack of the Werewolves’. The other season titles are ‘Ginger Snaps’ and ’13 Hours’.

21:00, Fri July 19 – DONNIE DARKO (2001) Network Premiere
Donnie Darko (Jake Gyllenhall) is a troubled teenager in suburban Virginia, a schizophrenic with a history of violence. One night he sleepwalks and meets Frank, a man in a menacing bunny costume. Frank tells him that in 28 days the world will end. Also stars Drew Barrymore, Patrick Swayze, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Mary McDonnell.

22:55, Sat July 13 – HYPOTHERMIA (2010) UK TV Premiere
Ray Pelletier just wants to spend a pleasant and relaxing weekend ice fishing with his family. Alas, Ray’s plans are ruined by the unwanted presence of the obnoxious big city father and son duo of Steve Cote and Stevie Jr. However, the two squabbling families are forced to set aside their differences and work together after a vicious monster awakens from the cold waters. Directed by James Felix McKenney.

22:55, Sat July 20 – CRAWLSPACE (2012)  UK TV Premiere
A Special Forces unit, sent to infiltrate Pine Gap. Australia’s top secret underground military compound, come under attack from unknown forces. They discover that the facility is experimenting in unpleasant sciences and it’s up to the rapidly-dwindling group of soldiers to figure out what is going on, and how to get back to the surface. Directed by Justin Dix, it stars Nicholas Bell, Amber Clayton and Eddie Baroo.

21:00, Fri July 12 – SISTERS (1973) – Network TV Premiere
Sisters was the first thriller directed by De Palma and stars Margot Kidder, Jennifer Salt and Charles Durning. The film centres on the Staten Island apartment of model Danielle (Kidder), which becomes the scene of a grisly murder witnessed by her neighbour, Grace, a reporter (Salt). But the police don’t believe her story, so it’s up to Grace to solve the murder mystery on her own.

HOWLING MAD! SEASON – Four Friday night werewolf tales from June 5 – June 26, at 22:55, including two UK TV premieres

22:55, Fri July 5 – SPLINTERED (2010)  UK TV Premiere
Whilst on a camping trip in Wales with a group of friends, Sophie, a teenager with a troubled past, enters an abandoned building in the middle of a Welsh wilderness But she is not alone. For prowling in the darkest corners is a dangerous being…a half-man, half-beast that is drawn towards the frightened teenager. Directed by Simeon Halligan, the film stars Sasha Dhawan, Holly Weston and Stephen Walters.

22:55, Fri July 26 – ATTACK OF THE WEREWOLVES (2011)  UK TV Premiere
Tomás Mariño (Gorka Otxoa) is a struggling writer who returns to Arga, a town he grew up in, to receive a freedom of the village award – or so he is told. However, he soon learns that the townsfolk plan on using him to break a century-old curse plaguing the village and its inhabitants. Directed by Juan Martínez Moreno, fans of the genre will want to sink their fangs into this one.

Horror Channel (UK) is on Sky 319, Virgin 149 and Freesat 138 – check your local listings.

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