NEWS: Get in ‘The Dark Cinema’ at Double Perks

Our friends over at ‘The Dark Cinema’ have just launched a Crowd-Funding Special you can’t refuse: Donate at the $25 level and receive the perks of the $50 level. That adds the autographed 8×10 of Actor Bill Oberst Jr. to the IMDB and pilot “thanks” credits, and the official sticker of ‘The Dark Cinema’. Help bring independent horror to television, but don’t ponder this forever: This Crowd-Funding Special is only good through Midnight (Pacific Time) Sunday, October 14!

‘The Dark Cinema’ is a half hour-long horror, thriller, sci-fi anthology TV series in the vein of ‘Tales From The Crypt’ and ‘The Twilight Zone’ – but with a twist. The producers are reaching out to the independent filmmakers and give them an outlet for their short films. Indie horror icon and star of the Daytime Emmy-winning Facebook App ‘Take This Lollipop’ and films like ‘Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies’, ‘Dismal’ and ‘Scary or Die’, as well as the upcoming independent films ‘Children of Sorrow’ from Jourdan McClure and Trevor Juenger’s ‘Coyote’, Bill Oberst Jr, will be hosting the show.

The films and directors for pilot episode have been announced just about a week ago. You can catch up on them here on HorrorBug, in case you missed it. ‘The Dark Cinema’ will shoot the wrap-arounds on Halloween day and immediately head into post-production. In keeping with the worldwide flair of the pilot, Bill Oberst Jr will also be hosting the trailers in English, Spanish and German. “Horror is international. Humans are all fearful of the same things, so these films are very translatable and accessible to a broader global market,” explained Oberst.

Now head on over to ‘The Dark Cinema’ IndieGoGo Campaign, support independent horror, and get that autograph from Bill Oberst Jr you always wanted.

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