NEWS: First Trailer for Leonardo Corbucci’s New Zombie Horror ‘The Devil’s Rust’

Italian born filmmaker Leonardo Corbucci has released the first trailer for his forthcoming horror feature film ‘The Devil’s Rust’, produced by Los Angeles based Embassies of Cinema. Come on in and get a first look and find out more about what is coming for you.

“The Devil’s Rust is a horror film project, however, the back story is funny,” tells us Leonardo. “Our initial idea was to make a found-footage film about people going to the Salton Sea area and discovering a company conducting experiments. The experiments involved a virus that transforms people into Zombies. The movie, at that stage, was driven by a main character, a Chuck Norris type male who is killing everybody and is killed himself in the end.

“However, after we wrote the script, a conflict arose between the two screenwriters involved, one of whom is me, and the producer,” Leonardo continues. “This brought us to a division, unable to use any part of the original script that we wrote together. We needed to rewrite it in its entirety. We were literally obligated to start all the story over from zero.

“Now ‘The Devil’s Rust’ will be a classic horror film shot in anamorphic instead of the initially planned found footage style. The film will feature three female lead characters and no Chuck Norris type male character. It will still have a twist at the end, a conclusion that will benefit the good as well as the bad characters.” He adds, “It’s interesting how things evolve in movie making. Now the new script is really our forte! I cannot reveal much more than this right now.”Giving at least a little bit away, Leonardo continues, “One of the strongest points of this horror is the virus that transform people into aggressive zombies which are alive. The virus is the “rust” or rather the “devil’s rust”. The virus manifests in the skin of people, exactly like rust. They enter into different stages, until the last stage which leaves them unable to move and become like stone figures, barely being able to move arms, face or eyes. In this final stage, they will disintegrate on contact, another parallele to the stages of rusting on iron.

While the film is currently in the early pre-production stage, the first practical steps have been made. “The tests we have done with what we intend to use as “RUST” make up are incredible and we really hope to start a new type of zombies,” reveals Leonardo. “Another aspect I would really like to point out is that the zombies infected with Rust are not dead, and they are vulnerable exactly as people not infected with the virus. Yet the virus ultimately kills them.”

Cast announcements have not been made at this time, but of course Leonardo has pretty clear ideas. “I would like to have talented unknown names for the two main female characters, and a very well known name for the main bad character, who will also be female,” he says. “We are trying to create a new franchising with a new Zombie universe, a universe affected with ‘The Devil’s Rust’ Visrus.”

Leonardo began his career with several short films shot in his native home, Rome, Italy, where he also attended film school and released his first feature, ‘Cinecitta’ Story!’. Later on, his is work would take him to New York and Los Angeles where he contiued his education and produced numerous short and feature films.

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