NEWS: First Official Trailer for Christian Ackerman’s ‘Terror Vortex’

We have a brand new trailer for you for director and author Christian Ackerman’s psychological horror thriller ‘Terror Vortex’ about a man who is chasing down a serial killer through the streets of New York after his wife was abducted. He needs to find her, but what he finds is something more horrific than he imagined.

‘Terror Vortex’ is produced, written and directed by Christian Ackerman, who also stars in the film as Kevin Black. The music in the trailer is the Rom Di Prisco Remix of Count Your Curses, Zombie B-Boy. The original motion picture soundtrack for ‘Terror Vortex is omposed by Timothy J. Kolberg.

Find out more about ‘Terror Vortex’ in our brief interview with producer, writer and director Christian Ackerman right here on HorrorBug. Stay tuned for updates…

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