NEWS: First International Teaser for Ukrainian Horror Thriller ‘Synevir’

After bringing you the initial introduction to and trailer for the first ever Ukrainian 3D horror film, the creature feature ‘Synevir’, in mid August, we today have the first international trailer for Alexander Alyoshechkin and Vyacheslav Alyosheckin’s upcoming film for you. Come inside and check it out.

The story of ‘Synevir’ is based upon national Ukrainian mythology, history and beliefs. According to legend, in Transcarpathia, where the mystical lake Synevir is located, lives a strange and mythical creature with a human body a dog’s head. When a group of tourists cross paths with the creature, the horror begins…

Find out more about ‘Synevir’, which will be released first in Russia in a couple of days on October 11, right here on HorrorBug and on the films Official Website.

Official Website

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