NEWS: Female Driven Horror Feature ‘Save Yourself’ Shooting this Summer

Director Ryan M. Andrews will be directing his originally scripted horror feature ‘Save Yourself’ this summer. The film follows five women on a road trip to Los Angeles as they cross paths with a deranged mad scientist. Starring Jessica Cameron who will also produce, Ry Barrett, Sydney Kondruss and Tianna Nori, ‘Save Yourself’ is scheduled to start filming later this year in Ontario, Canada.

En route to L.A., director Crystal Lacroix, along with by-the-numbers producer Dawn Summerville, neurotic writer Lizzy Miller, and star sisters Kim and Sasha Tobin, are riding high after a successful screening of their new horror film. But when Crystal goes missing at a rest stop, their mood suddenly changes. The others, splitting up to search for Crystal, spot an isolated farmhouse and enlist the help of its owners, quickly discovering that appearances are not always what they seem. Life imitates art as all five ladies find themselves pitted against a deranged couple hell-bent on using them for their mysterious research. Who will survive and what will be the fate of their ultimate discovery?
Having worked together in the past, Andrews and Cameron have discussed collaborating on a feature for years. Together, they decided that Ryan’s script for ‘Save Yourself’ would be the ideal choice. Award winning actor Ry Barrett (Neverlost, Desperate Souls, Antisocial) joins the cast as the film’s intense villain. This will be the first time Andrews, Cameron and Barret have worked together since last year’s experimental short film ‘Klymene’.\

Cameron recently stated that “This script is the sexiest and smartest female-driven horror flick that I have had the pleasure to read and I cannot wait to bring it to life with Ryan.”
Commenting on the storyline of his forthcoming film, Andrews says, “I love Jean-Luc Godard’s quote ‘all you need for a movie is a gun and a girl.’ In the same way all you need for a horror is blood and a girl – and we’ve got five girls. It’s definitely going to be fun and sexy, but most importantly the women are not just one-dimensional. There is a lot of depth and development to their characters. And as a die-hard horror fan, I know just how important this is. It can’t just be another pretty face. There needs to be layers there for anyone to care when that face gets smashed.”

‘Save Yourself’ is produced by Post City Sound with Pino Halili and Allen Ormerod serving as executive producers. Premiere and release dates for the film have not been officially announced at the time of this writing.

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