NEWS: Electric Zombie’s Halloween Line with Freddy Krueger, Monster Squad, Trick ‘r Treat

Shirt PunchlinePop culture brand Electric Zombie is kicking off the Halloween season with a new line of apparel dedicated to all things spooky and monstrous. Perhaps the company’s most ambitious release to date, the massive line includes shirts, jackets, posters, pins, stickers and more. Over twenty new items are now available from the company’s official website. Come on inside for designs and details.
Raglan BackShirt CultShirt FreddyShirt Game GenieThe line kicks off with several new shirts, featuring tributes to monster mascots, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Are You Afraid of the Dark and Splatterhouse, among others. Notable is the mask advertisement shirt, which features memorable horror movie masks in the style of an old magazine ad. This design is available on a poster as well, and it was also used to create a unique shirt with printing on the pocket and sleeves.

Jacket BomberCandlePinheadsThis line offers, in addition to shirts, items including custom-made Monster Squad jackets with embroidered patches; posters based on quintessential Halloween flicks Trick ‘r Treat, Halloween III and The Monster Squad; enamel pins and stickers inspired by Tales from the Cryptkeeper, Ghoul-Aid and Franken Berry; trick or treat bags with a vintage-style Halloween design; and Ghoul-Aid scented candles.

Shirt Masker AdShirt Monster PocketEZ_Shirt_Vigilante“So many things went into this line,” explains Electric Zombie owner Kyle Crawford. “I knew from the get go that I wanted to step back and do something different than the past few years’ Halloween lines, which were smaller. There are so many great designs and products and new things. It’s insane.”

ToteStickersWith more than twenty horrific items available, Electric Zombie’s latest line is a great way to get into the Halloween spirit.

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