NEWS: Eddy Salazar’s ‘The Insomniac’ coming to DVD this December

Author and actor Eddy Salazar’s psychological thriller ‘The Insomniac’ starring Eddy Salazar, Clare Grant and Danny Trejo, based on the real-life nightmare after the break-in into his Hollywood Hills home, has successfully toured the festival circuit since we first told you about the film in October last year. On December 27 this year (2013), ‘The Insomniac’ will be available on DVD in the USA. Come on nside fr details and the official trailer.

After someone breaks into John Figg’s (Eddy Salazar) home and takes all of his material and sentimental possessions, he develops a severe case of insomnia and learns that the people around him are not as trustworthy as they appear to be. From that incident on, his life follows only one theme: “When you don’t know who to trust, sleep with both eyes open.”
‘The Insomniac’, directed by Monty Miranda, stars Eddy Salazar (Mansion of Blood), Clare Grant (Black Snake Moan), John Heard (Home Alone, Big), Keith Szarabajka (The Dark Knight, Argo), Alimi Ballard (Fast Five, Numb3rs), Romina (Silver Linings Playbook), Brett DelBuono (The Cleaner, Let Me In), Steve Agee (The Sarah Silverman Project), and Danny Trejo (Machete, Heat).

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