NEWS: Dog & Pony Takes Graphis Platinum Award For Indie Horror ‘Bite’ Poster

BiteThe 2016 Graphis Advertising Annual has selected Dog & Pony’s poster for ‘Bite’ for its coveted platinum award. HorrorBug congratulations Dog & Pony and their client team comprised of Breakthrough Entertainment, Black Fawn Films, Tim Brown, and photographer photographer Brandon Marsh. Come on inside for details.

BiteSo what is ‘Bite’ all about? After an innocuous bite from a small insect, Casey, the film’s protagonist, morphs from a blushing bride into an egg laying, flesh eating insect. As her transformation becomes complete, Casey discovers that everything can change with a single bite.

Dog & Pony was tasked with creating a poster for the indie horror film ‘Bite’ that conveys the idea of the metamorphosis in a way that is fresh, modern and truly horrific.

BiteDog & Pony’s approach to the visual conception was as simple as it was effective: “Horror comes from the shock of the unexpected,” the agency explains. “The concept behind this poster would be the contrast of this beautiful young woman and the disgusting bug that is overtaking her body. We supplied sketches for the photographer to shoot the star, however the real work came from building our monster bug, which was a composite of many critters that will forever haunt our nightmares.”

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