NEWS: Director, Writer Stuart Wahlin Announces New Horror Film ‘Slay Utterly’


Stuart Wahlin, writer and director of the feature horror thriller ‘Hand of Glory’ has announced his new ambitious project which will again be a horror thriller: ‘Slay Utterly’, a modern adaptation inspired by the infamous 1912 ax murders in Villisca, Iowa. We have the promotional teaser and more info about ‘Slay Utterly’ inside for you, along with how you can be a part of the film via IndieGoGo.

Inspired by a gruesome series of unsolved murders a century ago, ‘Slay Utterly’ is a modern thriller with a federal agent at the head of a task force charged with stopping the brutal Ax Man before he can extend a bloody rampage across the American Midwest. But because the Ax Man strikes in rural locations, first responders tend to do more harm than good in preserving the ritualistic crimes scenes for investigators. Several suspects come into focus, but when tensions rise between the agent and a local detective on the task force, they risk losing the Ax Man’s bloody trail forever.

Although a fictional exploration inspired by true events, the film strives to draw some educated conclusions regarding this enigmatic piece of history. The makers have employed the expertise of historians and case experts, as well as FBI agents, both current and retired, including a renowned profiler.

You may already be familiar with the murders and the Villisca Ax Murder House, which inspired ‘Slay Utterly’, through paranormal TV shows like ‘Ghost Adventures’ and ‘My Ghost Story – Caught on Tape’. Although the house in which the murders were perpetrated is considered one of America’s most haunted locations, this is not a film about the paranormal. As you’ll discover in ‘Slay Utterly’, it’s the living you truly need to fear.

Darren Marlar, two-time Best Actor nominee for ‘Hand of Glory’, has signed on for another lead role in Stuart’s sophomore film as the federal agent. Joe DeBartolo, Victor in ‘Hand of Glory’, has also signed on for the major role as one of the suspects in ‘Slay Utterly, and is an executive producer on the film. Will Cummings III, North Roberts, and Ray Sofia have also signed on for prominent roles.

Stuart and his team are currently looking for funding for ‘Slay Utterly’ via their IndieGoGo Campaign. There are also several other ways you can help make this film happen. One of them is the Amazon Wish List with items the production needs. That way, you know exactly how your money will be spent.

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