NEWS: ‘Creepy Crawly’ adds Cyndi Crotts to the cast

Remember we first told you about the ‘Creepy Crawly’ project back on June 9? Now we have the first update on the cast for you: actress and model Cyndi Crotts has just been attached to ‘Creepy Crawly’ and will play the role of Mary in the English version. Cyndi has starred in numerous horror shorts, like ‘B.F.F.’ and ‘Slip of the Tongue’, as well as several horror features like ‘The Bailey Case’, ‘Brainjacked’ and ‘Bikini Monsters’.

The Horror Short ‘Creepy Crawly’ will be shot this summer in West Palm Beach with a scheduled premier some time in October of 2012. The film will be shot in both English and Spanish with the Spanish version scheduled to air on a Spanish speaking Cable Television Network. The English version will tour the film festival circuit to raise awareness of a feature length version that will be in the works once financing can be found.

You can find out more about ‘Creepy Crawly‘ right here on HorrorBug and of course on the Official Facebook page for the film.

Official Facebook

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