NEWS: Celebrate 30 Years of George Romero’s ‘Day of the Dead’ with special Fright-Rags Collection

Fright- Rags - Romero30 years ago, George A. Romero unleashed the darkest day of horror the world has ever known and founded a sub-genre that would go on to last for numerous decades: ‘Day of the Dead’. Fright-Rags is now honoring the zombie classic with a special collection of exclusive apparel. Come on inside for details and all the designs.

The line includes five new shirts. Steve Holliday, Francis Minoza, Chris Lovell, Paul Shipper and Dave Moscati each offer a distinct take on the film’s iconic imagery. Several designs prominently feature fan-favorite zombie Bub, among of other ghouls.

Fright-Rags - RomeroFright-Rags - RomeroFright- Rags - RomeroFright-Rags - RomeroThe ‘Day of the Dead’ collection is available now from Frigt-Rags’ official website. All five designs are in stock at the time of this writing in both unisex and girls shirts, and ready to ship, but quantities are limited and may sell out.

Official Website

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