NEWS: Brooke Lewis’ Philly Chick Pictures Launches ‘Ms. Vampy’s Bites’

Back by popular demand, Ms. Vampy is about to launch her new interactive advice internet show ‘Ms. Vampy’s Bites’. Many fans have asked where she has been lately. Well, she went back to school and is now a Life Coach. Come on inside and check out the first episode of ‘Ms. Vampy’s Bites’.

These days, Ms. Vampy lives in her Hollywood Villa and is a Life Coach to the rich and famous. She is often seen on night shoots, shopping in Beverly Hills for Dior or hanging out at Lakers’ games. She loves 80s rock and disco, her favorite band is Vampire Weekend and she never misses ‘American Idol’, ‘The Voice’ or ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ on TV. Her secret dream is to join the cast of HBO’s True Blood – of course, she thinks it’s a reality show.
She enjoys Godiva Chocolates and Bloody Marys and she loves to play Xbox when she’s feeling feisty. While she has yet to marry or have children, she freely admits to being boy crazy and hopes to someday make-out with Robert Pattinson. Ms. Vampy is forever sexy, funny, young, and obnoxious, but her heart is as big as her mouth. If she ever bites you, it’ll be with love.

Now, who better to give the world advice than a 110 year old Vampire who has seen it all and has a heart of gold? Check out her new show ‘Ms. Vampy’s Bites’ and e-mail your advice questions to:, including your full name, city and state that you are in, so she can give you and your question a shout out with lover on the video.

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