NEWS: Bill Oberst, Jr. will send Chills Down Your Spine as Vick in ‘Ditch’

‘Ditch’ is a new horror thriller currently filming, directed by Joe Hendrick and written by Dan P. Coughlin (Lake Dead) alongside Ryan W. Coughlin. Bill Oberst, Jr. takes the lead as the villain and antagonist of ‘Ditch’, Vick, who seeks revenge after his family was killed in a tragic car accident which is unfairly covered up by police. Starring alongside Bill are Katy Foley and, in a special appearance, horror icon Lynn Lowry.

Vick is out to seek revenge but he is not your typical killer. After a drunken high school party, straight A, goody two shoes Jenny (Katy Foley) drives home a little tipsy. Even though this type of behavior is unlike her, she gets behind the wheel after having a few drinks. In her stupor, she gets into a massive car accident that leaves a mother and child dead. Jenny slips into unconciousness and, while she is out, her detective father Dale (Gregory DePetro) covers up all evidence of the tragic accident, clearing Jenny of all fault.s

A year later, and after a long stay at the hospital, Jenny is going about her life with no recollection that, the night of the accident, a family was killed. Vick was the only survivor, and today he is out to set the record straight by teaching Dale and Jenny that justice will catch up with everybody, eventually.

A Ditch party is Vick’s chosen sceneario. Jenny, her boyfriend Mike (Zach Silverman), along with friends Trina (Pandie Suicide), Max (Gabriel De Santi), Cathy (Samantha Dawn) and Bill (Kyle Morris), will face the most horrific day of their lives as Vick joins the party and teaches them that there is hell to pay for cutting class.

With the outcome uncertain and the ending unexpected, Jenny finds out that nobody can be trusted, not even the ones closest to her.

‘Ditch’ is produced by Megan Waters of Water Tree Media, Inc.

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