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Crux – 2012

A camping trip with friends into the great outdoors is romantic fun and the perfect getaway… Oh, come on, we all know where this is going! The British horror film ‘Crux’ tells the story of six teen friends who start out on a great adventure that slowly turns into their worst bloody nightmare. They realize there is a lot more going on in the mountains than they ever would have imagined.

Six students re-unite after their first semester at college, and they decide a weekend camping trip is the best way to reconnect and catch-up, enjoying a few days of freedom before they go back to their studies. After a night of partying, the six companions set of on their journey, excited, full of spirits and with the intentions of a crazy trip; where they can get wasted, reignite old flames and have some good old fashioned fun.

It isn’t until the group is deep in the wilderness of the mountains that they realize they are not alone, and they’re walking into a bloody trap that will change their lives forever.

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Release Date: July 1, 2012 (UK)
Country: UK
Language: English

Director: Bashar Alissa
Authors: Joe Madden, Maeve Madden

Katie Alexander Thom – Yasmin
Johnny Sachon – Charles
Daphne Quah – Zara
Matt Hookings – Lewis
Shaun Blackstock – Paddy
Egija Zviedre – Joe
Alain Terzoli – Cameron
Cassandra Bond – Suzy
Daphne Sherman – The Mother
Tristan Loughrey – Ralph
Alex Goleworthy – John
Emma Slater – Katie
Alana Arthurs – Daughter

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