La Segunda Muerte (The Second Death) – 2013

We have the first official trailer for you for Argentine filmmaker Santiago Fernández Calvete’s horror mystery ‘La Segunda Muerte’ (The Second Death) which tells the story of a  a skeptical and lonely policewoman in a small village, clueless on a gruesome case, who is guided by a newly arrived clairvoyance gifted boy claiming that the murderer is the Virgin Mary. Come on in and check it out.

Alba Aiello, a skeptical and lonely policewoman in her mid thirties, lives in a small country village, trying to forget her dark past the keeps well hidden. But the quite village turns into hell when an entire family dies, burnt on their knees while praying. They appear burnt one by one in successive nights and without a single reasonable or scientific explanation.
Alba has no option but to accept the guidance of a newly arrived clairvoyance gifted boy, who slowly makes her believe in paranormal issues. When the case is going nowhere only the child’s gift – a child she has come to love as her own – seems to be the only chance to find an answer.

But that answer raises new and dangerous questions when the boy reveals that the killer she is looking for is the Virgin Mary.
‘La Segunda Muerte’ (The Second Death), produced by Magma Cine with Juan Pablo Gugliotta and Nathalia Videla Peña proucing, has been playing the international festival circuit for a full year now after premiering at the Buenos Aires Film Festival in Argentina on April 14last year. The film has been sold into several territories worldwide. Release dates are expected to be announced soon.

Release Date: (TBA)
Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish

Director: Santiago Fernández Calvete
Author: Santiago Fernández Calvete

Guillermo Arengo
Mauricio Dayub
Germán de Silva
Agustina Lecouna
Tomás Lizzio

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