La Llorona 3 (The Wailer 3) – 2012

The first trailer for Javier Barbera’s upcoming independent mystery horror ‘La Llorona 3’ (The Wailer 3) has been released by Laguna Production, allowing the first glimpse at the third installment of the folklore based La Llorona franchise that started with a short film directed by Andres Navia in 2004.

Daniel and Alice take their two young children to Alice’s mother’s house after the tragic and mysterious death of her father. Once there, Daniel learns about several unresolved murder and missing people cases. Daniel and his family also become victims of this town’s dark faith when his wife mysteriously dies and his children go missing. Soon after this tragedy he begins to investigate what’s haunting the town and its residents. In his research he discovers that his wife is a direct descendant of a women known as “La Llorona”, the troubled mother who drowned her children after her husband’s infidelity centuries ago. “La Llorona’s” tortured should haunts everyone and her insatiable thirst for blood will destroy everyone in her path.

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