La Casa Del Fin De Los Tiempos (The House of the End Times) – 2013

We have the first trailer for you for Alejandro Hidalgo’s horror suspense thriller ‘La Casa Del Fin De Los Tiempos’ (The House of the End Times), the first horror and suspense thriller produced entirely in Venezuela. Dulce (Ruddy Rodríguez) is the mother of a family that encounters appearances in their old House, where an ancient and terrible prophecy is unleashed.

Director and author Alejandro Hidalgo’s ‘La Casa Del Fin De Los Tiempos’ (The House of the End Times) is the first Venezuelan horror and suspense thriller and tells the story of Dulce (Ruddy Rodríguez) a mother of a family who encounters appearances in their old house, a place where a terrible prophecy was unleashed. Thirty years later, Dulce, now an old woman, returns to the house to decipher the mystery and tragedy that has haunted her throughout her entire life.

The young director and screenwriter Alejandro Hidalgo faces the great challenge of skillfully handling emotions, stress and rhythm of the story to keep the suspense in this film starring the internationally successful Ruddy Rodríguez alongside national Venezuelan actors like Gonzalo Cubero, Guillermo García and the young newcomer Rosmel Bustamante.

The House of the end of times is filmed in the city of Caracas, with an excellent technical team comprised of recognized national and international professionals: Executive producers José Ernesto Martínez and Cesar Rivas, director of photography Alex Mathews, makeup artist Juan José Campanella, who was also responsible for ‘El Secreto de Sus Ojos’ (The Secret of Their Eyes) by Cezary Jaworskiwinner, which was awarded the Oscar for best foreign film in 2010. In this case, Mathews is facing a big challenge: transforming Ruddy Rodríguez into an old woman, 75 years of age.

‘La Casa Del Fin De Los Tiempos’ (The House of the End Times), in director and author Alejandro’s own words, “is a work which, in addition to being charged with suspense from beginning to end, also comes loaded with big surprises and revelations in the midst of a human and poignant drama.” The film is scheduled to be released June 7, 2013, starting in Venezuela.

‘La Casa Del Fin De Los Tiempos’ (The House of the End Times) is produced by Epica Produccion, X Rojo Producciones, JEMD Films, Xenon Films with Blue Post providing great support with the post-production, including visual FX and the movie’s credits, as well as La Fundación Villa del Cine.

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Release Date: June 7, 2013
Country: Venezuela
Language: Spanish

Director: Alejandro Hidalgo
Author: Alejandro Hidalgo

Ruddy Rodríguez
Gonzalo Cubero
Rosmel Bustamante
Guillermo García

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