Jacob’s Hammer – 2012

Author and producer Angie Bojtler, already in development for her next year’s horror film ‘The Fifth Girl’, a Dark House Productions LTD picture starring Lance Henrikson and with the legendary Steven R. Monroe slated to direct, has completed her highly anticipated horror feature ‘Jacob’s Hammer’. The film with start its limited theatrical release in the UK this Halloween. Come inside for more info and the official Trailer.

A gory psychological horror set somewhere between ‘The Others’ and ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’, with more twists-and-turns than your average gutted D-lister’s intestines, ‘Jacob’s Hammer’ build’s from a slow, deceptive start, and accelerates into a gore-fest that will keep you squirming, with the last sting-in-the-tail impossible to predict.

No one sees the young Jacob. It’s not allowed. Sadie, his mother, keeps him hidden. It is best that way. She has always done that. Ever since… well… ever since. She loves him very much. Maybe she loves him too much, because Jacob’s not like other little boys. There is something wrong with Jacob. Something, sometimes, only a mother can see.

Sadie would do anything for Jacob. She will always protect him, no matter what. After all, he’s only a child, her child. He should be protected. Sadie needs to protect him. Always.  Until…

The night-sweats and dreams, she could deal with. Even the nightmarish apparitions, she could live with. But when friends and family are ripped from life, from her life, Sadie must face the truth. Jacob is out of control.  The ultimate evil is in her son. Perhaps, the ultimate evil is her son. ‘Jacob’s Hammer’… When a mother’s love is no defense.

Out of the Arkady Pictures stable, ‘Jacob’s Hammer’ is being distributed in the UK by Dream State Distribution- who have a unique ‘take’ on the distribution process for independent films. Aiming to gain a wider market for British independent film-makers, Dream State harnesses the power and energy of each facet of cinema-goers experience, including bars, clubs, restaurants, cinemas and beyond.

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Release Date: October 31, 2012 (UK, limited theatrical)
Country: UK
Language: English

Director: Angie Bojtler
Author: Angie Bojtler

Helen Holman – Sadie
Luis James Farouk – Jacob
Diane Rimmer – Joan
George McCluskey – Father Brian
Thomas Sean Hughes – Micky
Christain Lopez – Callum
Adi Alfa – Lissa
Chelsea-Louise Taylor – Paige
Emma Montgomery – Nicole
Zac Tellett – Dave Ash
Maxine Hughes – Sarah (Dog Walker)
Hayley Clark – Jade
Kev Martin – Michael
Elena Stephenson – Chloe

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