Intrusion: Disconnected – 2013

Storytime Productions have released the full length trailer for their latest projects, ‘Intrusion: Disconnected’, an independently produced psychological horror thriller. The film from award winning  author and producer,Craig Everett Earl is directed by award winning filmmaker Kyle Cates. With about two thirds of the film done, ‘Intrusion: Disconnected’ is also looking for funds to finish the project. Come on in, feast your eyes on the trailer, and find out how you can get involved.

Although it is the second of the ‘Intrusion’ series, this film is planned as a stand-alone horror feature that tells the story of Holly Jensen. Holly has survived the traumatic experience of seeing most of her friends murdered as the rosebud serial killer has closed in on her. Now that it’s been a year since his body was last seen being loaded into an ambulance and having suffered a great number of stab wounds, she has begun finding signs that she might have not seen the last of him.
Nearly a year after the events of ‘Intrusion’, the mysterious death of the rose bud killer leaves questions unresolved. Now with the body count rising once again and Holly’s mental stability slipping, she claims the killer is still alive. ‘Intrusion: Disconnected’ follows her through her journey to find closure as the body count begins to rise once again.
The film has been many years in the making, and is currently two thirds of the way through production. So far, all of the film has been funded through the help of volunteers, in-kind donations and largely the pockets of it’s author and producer, who is now turning to the fans for help and support. Shot on location in Kentucky, ‘Intrusion: Disconnected’ is one six day shoot from completion. This title hopes to wrap shooting in 2013 as Storytime Productions finalizes financing. To help you can visit the film’s Official Website or go straight to the IndieGoGo Campaign.
The screenplay for Intrusion:Disconnected has already won for best screenplay at the Fright Night Film Festival, received ‘5 out of 5’ reviews from critics and multiple Finalist, Semi-Finalist, official selection acknowledgements.

The film stars the talented, Katie Stewart (Overtime) as the heroine of the film and the haunting, Lee Haycraft as the villain. The film co-stars Scream queen, Tiffany Shepis (Prometheus Project, The Violent Kind), three time award winning actress, Sebrina Siegel (Overtime), Amanda Dunn (Catching Fire, Michael Rooker’s Pennhurst) and Mark Nash. (Everybody Loves Raymond, CSI).

Official WebsiteOfficial FacebookIndieGoGo Campaign

Release Date: (TBA)
Country: USA
Language: English

Director: Kyle Cates
Author: Craig Everett Earl

Katie Stewart – Holly Jensen
Sebrina Siegel – Anna
Tiffany Shepis – Laura Braden
Shawn Taiwone Francis – Ethan
Cody Cheyenne – Jamie
Mark A. Nash – Dad
George Robert Bailey – Matthew
Lisette Markham – Katherine
Cristina Mullins – Women Group
Misty Chapman – Rebecca
Montest Eaves III – Dr. Monroe
Tara Bensing – Female Neighbor
Jessica McGill II – Claire
Alex Amaya – Josh
David Hermann – Steven
Jesse Rasmussen – Charlie
Sean Saunders – Paramedic
Ryan Arnold – EMT
Rick Thompson – Businessman
Robbie Stephens – Police Officer
Aaron Dickerson – Pizzaman
Kelley Amaya – Women Group Leader
Katie James – Screaming Lady
Holly Stewart – Fake Horror Victim
Kirstin Vanhooser – Infomercial Woman
Felicia Stewart – Curious Woman
Sherri Preu – Women Group
Jennifer Moreschi – Nurse
Tommy Martin – Look-A-Like
Christian Brooker – Infomercial Man
Jordan Brown – Women Group
Noah Bunch – Video Store Customer
Kyle Cates – Peter
Reaper M. Jones – Fake Horror Killer
Teresa Lawrence II – Kali
Jessica Reynolds – Video Store Customer
M. Ray Robinson – Creepy Customer (as Ray Robinson)
Jason Saylor – William
Jeanine Saylor – Lisa
Mark Spurgeon – Tom
Bubba Stone – Video Store Customer
Forest Ramsey – Video Store Customer
Cari Jernigan-Haycraft – Mary
Vance Hetherington – Telemarketer Man
Lee Haycraft – Raymond Hummel
Tim Gross – Movie Critic
John Heffley – Video Store Extra
Doug Edwards Jr. – Rick
Ryan DeLaney – Video Store Extra
Irvin Severs – Reporter

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