Hunter – 2012 (Short)

We have the first official trailer for ‘Hunter’ from director Ryan Shovey and author Ross Alagna for you, a slasher horror film made by slasher fans for slasher fans. The film incorporates techniques used in some of the most highly acclaimed psychological thrillers to date, including Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’, John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’, and Wes Craven’s ‘Scream’ franchise. The short film will have it’s world premier at Shockfest in mid November in Los Angeles. Come on in and get your first taste of ‘Hunter’.

Valerie, a beautiful college student, decides to stay at home one night so she can catch up on her studies. Her roommates are all away for a party, so she is just taking it easy for a change. However, the masked figure who stands behind her and watches her in the dark has different plans for the night’s activities.

There is, although, more to the story: After being accused of killing four girls, small town hero and accused convict, Hunter Westbrook, killed himself in jail. Now, seventeen years later, he’s back in town, but it’s not him. Someone, wearing a mask of Hunter’s face, is going around killing the students and staff from the university. The police try their best to figure out who is killing everyone, but it falls onto Jason, Quinn, Garret, Bea, and Chad to figure out who is killing their friends, before they get killed themselves…

‘Hunter’ will have its world premiere at Shock Film Festival in Los Angeles on November 17, 2012.

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Director: Ryan Shovey
Author: Ross Alagna, Ryan Shovey

Liam Day – Killer
Courtney Lacombe – Valerie
Blain Sanchez – Chris
Marisa Welles – Valerie’s Mom (voice)

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