Horror House – 2012

A new horror anthology is on the way, consisting of five stories that play in one house of horror. From writer and producer Kerry Marlowe and Director Evan Marlowe, the makers of Blood Rush, comes ‘Horror House’, starring Lloyd Kaufman, Kerry Finlayson, Kaden Graves, Lauren Lakis, Alyssa and Katelyn Hunter, Catharina Widell and others. ‘Horror House’ is slated for release in November this year. Come inside and watch the brand new trailer.

Never Let Go: Sarah’s pregnancy had been smooth sailing, until a decision she made long ago comes back to haunt her.

Be Careful What You Wish For: Anna turns to the dark side for help in this noir thriller.

Lifelike: Some would say Helen loves her doll a little too much. Mom just might have to teach her a lesson.

Hot Stuff: Andy thinks he’s too good for the average girl, until one night he picks up the wrong girl.

The Leapling: Everyone told Ben monsters were just make-believe. The problem is someone forgot to tell the monster.

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Release Date: November 30, 2012
Country: USA
Language: English

Director: Evan Marlowe
Author: Kerry Marlowe

Lloyd Kaufman – Joe The Real Estate Agent
Kerry Finlayson – Anna
Lauren Lakis – Helen
Kaden Graves – Andy
Zachary Haven – Ben
Abbey Anderson – Ella
Alyssa Hunter – Leah
Katelyn Hunter – Abigail
Catharina Widell – Sarah
Elain Rinehart – Mother
Lisa Goodman – Gypsy
David Alan Graf – Detective
Alex Sanborn – Lee / Leapling
John Wuchte – Dr. Travers
Helen Soraya – Jessica
Kathleen Kelly – Rachel – Mother 2
Michelle Cardno – Claire
Kalia Fullerton – Jenna
Kylie Rogers – Helen – Age 8
Savanna Gann – Helen – Age 12
Djilali Rez-Kallah – Steve
Jacob Nathaniel – Sammy
Lorna Soonhee – Abbi
John Wilhovsky – Man 3
Eric Lauritzen – Adam
Andrew Dufresne – Dad
Evan Marlowe – Delivery Guy
Kristan Cleto – Man 2
Chris Karmiol – Man 1
Marilyn Mark – Attractive Girl 1
Rita Lulla – Attractive Girl 2
Olga O’Farrell – Lady
Coralie Marlowe – Grandmother
Georgia Rose Matlack – Little Girl
Jordana Johns – Mistress

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