Cyclical Effect – 2012

The first official trailer is here for director and author Michael Wade Johnson’s horror drama ‘Cyclical Effect’, filmed on location in Tennessee, Illinois and Kentucky. Come on in and check it out.

Ian goes through a downward spiral as he loses control of everything solid in his life. He must reinvent himself but can he find a perfect match on a dating website and get to where he needs to be before the costumed killer preys on him?

‘Cyclical Effect’ is produced by Faux Pas Films with Michael Wade Johnson executive producing alongside Dustin Risley and Ivan Babiuk, starring Dustin Risley, Jared Sullivan, Jeff Davis, Russ Croley, and horror mainstays Shannon Sylvia, Michelle Tomlinson, Melantha Blackthorne, Bianca Barnett, Lilith Stabs, Andrea Collins, Kayla Perkins, Shauna Tackett and Tiffany Apan. A release date has not been set at the time of this writing.

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Release Date: (TBA)
Country: USA
Language: English

Director: Michael Wade Johnson
Author: Michael Wade Johnson

Dustin Risley – Ian
Catherine Holder – Mandi
Jeff Davis – Taco
Jared Sullivan – Zeke
Russ Croley – Mr. Trivett
Tandra Caldwell – Gail
Lacey Nicole Montgomery – Ginger
Shauna LaFever – Renee
Donald Farmer – Dan The Publishing Man
Meagan Thompson – Libby
Michelle Tomlinson – Julie
Kayla Perkins – Nikki
Shauna Tackett – Stacy
April Pauff – Georgia
Tiffany Browne-Tavarez
Shannon Sylvia – Elizabeth
Melantha Blackthorne – Tessa
Tiffany Presley – Michelle
Shannon Lynette – Jill
Sadie ‘Miss Gory’ Rae – Denise
Mandy Hawley – Simone
Misti Rainwater-Lites – Lorraine
Ponda Frost – Frankie
Mandi Johnson – Lynne
Bianca Barnett – Yvette
Tanja Ravljen – Dawn
Catherine J. Hood – Elaine
Erin Louise Ryans – Janet
Delilah Donovan – Lydia
Danica DeCosto – Kirstie
Amy Donahue – Coda
Jason K. Allen – Roman
Tiffany Apan – Anna
John T. Ford – Azaiah
Lilith Stabs – Sarah
Chance Forshee – Mason The Bartender
Andrea Collins – Gina
Nick Mathis – Nigel
Eric Croft – Gareth
Josh B. Strong – Pascal
Josh Poteet – Damon
Amber Barton – Olivia
Lindsay Zgonina – Erin
Jamie Cochran Thomas – Vanessa Hammond-McFarlin
Ricky Long – Schizo Man
Cassidy Richard – Evelyn
Reene Tedesco – Corrine
Erin Wehmeier – Lauren
Ivan Babiuk – Kody
Gerald Maxfield – Hayden
Dawn Lyn – Natalie
James Russell Lingerfelt – Bartender
Sara Smidge Goessel – Trish
Tricia Williams – Family Member
Kimberly Dalton – Nicole
Alicia Manning – Waitress, Flea Market Attendant, Walker
Michael Wade Johnson – Jace
Andria Armstrong – Andie fighting girl
Misty Simmons-Poteet – Misty the Fighting Girl
Ashley Reed – Ash the Fighting Girl
Ashley Bryan – Asha the Fighting Girl
Cameron Hagan – Drunk Bar Patron
Dawn Przytula – Flea Market Attendant, Walker
Joanne Logan – Flea Market Attendant, Walker
Judy Wallace – Flea Market Attendant, Walker
Bianca Kennedy – Flea Market Attendant, Walker
Matthew Dylan Smith – Pimp Daddy

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