Cuando Tu Carne Grite Basta (When your Flesh Screams) – 2013

We have the first trailer for you for ‘When Your Flesh Screams’, a new horror film about rape and revenge in the vein of ‘The Last House on the Left’, ‘I Spit on your Grave’ and ‘Deliverance’, and the feature debut of Argentine filmmaker Guillermo Martinez. Produced by Vindicta Films of La Plata, Buenos Aires, starring Victoria Witemburg, Oscar Molinari, Ricardo Marchioni and Javier Batic.

The story revolves around Martina, a biology student who, after moving from her hometown to complete her studies decides to undertake an excursion to the outskirts of the city in search of rare and exotic specimens for research. Not finding the specimen, she decides to rest by the roadside.

At that time, her new psychotic neighbors propose to take her to the woods where they the specimen she seeks can be found. Martina thankfully accepts the invitation, but on the way the thugs kidnap her, determined to perform all sorts of sinister and gruesome acts, both physical and psychological. The story takes an unexpected turn when Martina decides to release her pent-up anger and turns the tables on her tormentors.

Cuando Tu Carne Grite Basta (When your Flesh Screams) is slated for release next year (2013).

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Release Date: (TBA – 2013)
Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish

Director: Guillermo Martínez
Author: Guillermo Martínez

Victoria Witemburg
Oscar Molinari
Ricardo Marchioni
Javier Batic
Horacio Martínez
Alicia Julianez
Martín Espíndola
Andrés Mazzoni
Alexia Encalada
Magalí Lanziano
Omar Musa

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