COMICS: ‘Dark Moon’ Teleports into the Horror Comic Scene

Dark Moon‘Dark Moon’ is a story about seven survivors of an earth-bound asteroid collision, who are able to teleport away in time to survive the impact.  They end up on a moon that was thought to have been able to support life, but before they can find out, their lives are threatened by the “native inhabitants” of Dark Moon. The first issue of ‘Dark Moon’ is now ready for digital release and its makers have created a motion book version combining horror art with music and motion. Come on inside for details.
Dark Moon - CoverWhile ‘Dark Moon’ can be read just like a traditional comic, it is designed to be listened to with a soundtrack, which is provided with purchase and streamable online.  This music is not what would be considered “standard fare” for the sci-fi or horror genres, as it features hip-hop, rap, and electronic music of various styles, but all of the music was designed from the ground up for inclusion in the comic soundtrack, and fits naturally with the crisp art.
Dark MoonBut all of this would not matter if the horror comic wasn’t scary, but this isn’t a problem says the creator Tom Freeman, otherwise known as Freematik. He offers this about the creatures of ‘Dark Moon’: “In any ‘creature feature’ type of horror story, the coolness and scaryness of the whole thing is completely dependent on whether the creature is scary or not.  The second I saw our artist Benedick Bana’s final design, I fell in love with it, it’s downright frightening.  I think any fan of sci-fi / horror will love this creature”

The first issue of Dark Moon is now up and can be found at the official website. You can check out the motion book right here on Deviantart.

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