Children of Sorrow – 2012

We have the first official trailer for director Jourdan McClure and author Ryan Finnerty’s upcoming horror film ‘Children of Sorrow’, starring Bill Oberst Jr., for you. With this intense work of psychological horror, Jourdan McClure sets out to prove that “disturbing is the new gore.” Check it out inside!

After the mysterious death of a young woman’s sister, the woman embeds herself into the cult her sister was a member of to find out exactly what happened. There she finds something terrifying about both the cult and about herself.

Jourdan McClure describes the style of the film as a point of view docu-horror, in which, not unlike in the found footage sub-genre, existing material is taken and arranged to tell a story. While in found footage films are – or at least pretend to be – an attempt to make sense of what is seen in the footage, the arrangement of the material in ‘Children of Sorrow’, filmed by the cult members, the cult leader and the protagonist, is done purposefully by a self help guru Simon Leach (Bill Oberst Jr.), who puts it together for the world to see.

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Release Date: (TBA)
Country: USA
Language: English

Director: Jourdan McClure
Author: Ryan Finnerty

Bill Oberst Jr. – Simon Leach
Hannah Levien – Ellen
Whitney Nielsen – Mary
John Mawson – Arresting Officer
Napoleon Ryan – Michael Winter
Mike Jerome Putnam – Arresting Officer
Galen Howard – Alan
Philip Battley – Police Officer
Robert McMurrer – Screening Audience
Jefferson Rogers – Brian
Nich Kauffman – Ben
Chris MacDonnell – Hank Mathews
Daniel Mentz – Evan
Liesel Hanson – Robin
Elisa Boyd – Terrified woman
Rachel Orlikoff – Grace
Martha Brigham – Veronica
Lorin Alond Ly – Nate
Jose Paz – Fan
Jaquelyn Johnson – Tracey