REVIEW: Walt – 2011 (short)

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Horror seems to be complicated these days, and often out of this world. Following the lead of the big studios with their apparently infinitely deep pockets, many independent filmmakers set out to realise their projects with elaborate visuals and special effects, almost impossible to achieve on a low or no budget basis. But what happened to the simple, every day situations from which not seldom the greatest horrors arise. Same as the simple pleasures, the simple fears are often the most valuable. Meet Walt, an elderly gentleman and the main character in Randal Plunkett’s short film by the same title. Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Curse – 2012 (short)

July 19, 2012 by horrorbug | 0 comments

From the mind of multi-talented artist and filmmaker Gabriel Sabloff comes a new horror short with twists you don’t see coming and that keep you guessing until the very end. Starring Bill Oberst Jr., Ciddy Fonteboa, D.T. Carney and Steel Chambers alongside other well known and upcoming actors, ‘The Curse’ tells a brilliantly visualized and acted out urban tale of evil, putting it high up on our must-watch list.

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REVIEW: Roadkiller – 2012 (short)

July 11, 2012 by horrorbug | 0 comments

It is a classic plot line and countless horror films strive on it; the tables are turned at some point during the third act of the film, and the hunter becomes the hunted. At first glance the UK short ‘Roadkiller’, written by Will Dingli and directed by Kate Cheeseman, is no different. When we first heard about the dry black-comedy horror, we expected a somewhat predictable interpretation of the same theme. But ‘Roadkiller’ turns out to be a pleasant surprise; a well choreographed and solid short with a classic feel and a twist you don’t see coming.

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REVIEW: The Plan – 2012 (short)REVIEW: The Plan – 2012 (short)

July 8, 2012 by horrorbug | 0 comments

‘The Plan’ is a short independent horror film, produced and filmed in Israel, alongside with the Israeli production company Fourplay Studios. Directed and written by Daniel Fallik and produced by Yotam Motzafi, who also penned the screenplay, ‘The Plan’ has been in production for a total of two months. Brainstorming and writing began on the 25th of January and the final cut was made on the 30th of March. ‘The Plan’ is a masterful visualization of one man’s struggle to let go of a traumatic past by isolating a personal experience. Told calmly through a surreal and twisted setting in muted colors, bare of dialogue, ‘The Plan’ has a psychological intensity that will linger long after watching it. Read on for our full review.‘The Plan’ ist ein independent Horror Kurzfilm, produziert und gedreht in Israel, gemeinsam mit der dort ansässigen Produktionsfirma Fourplay Studios. Unter der Regie von Daniel Fallik, der auch die Geschichte schrieb, und produziert von Yotam Motzafi, der das Drehbuch schrieb, hat die gesamte Produktion von ‘The Plan’ nicht länger als zwei Monate gedauert. Die ersten Besprechungen fanden am 25. Januar diesen Jahres statt, die Nachbearbeitung war am 30. März abgeschlossen. ‘The Plan’ ist eine meisterhafte Visualisierung des Kampfes eines Mannes, seine traumatische Vergangenheit zu bewältigen, indem er ein schreckliches Ereignis aus seinem Leben isoliert. Auf ruhige und eigehende Weise erzählt, spielt ‘The Plan’ in einer surrealen und verdrehten Welt mit gedämpften Farben, und hat eine psychologische Intensität, die noch lange nach dem Abspann vorhält. Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Velvet Road – 2012

June 26, 2012 by horrorbug | 0 comments

Just as we were watching the horror short film ‘Velvet Road’ we first told you about a couple of days ago, a message from filmmaker L Gustavo Cooper dropped into our mailbox that the film has been picked up as an official selection in the New York City International Film Festival, happening in August. The short version of our review: Well deserved, and, if you are in the area in mid August, make sure not to miss ‘Velvet Road’. Read on for our full review. Continue Reading →