NEWS: Fright-Rags Scares Up ‘The Amityville Horror’, ‘Poltergeist II’ Apparel

April 20, 2016 by horrorbug | 0 comments

Fright-Rags - Amityville PosterFright-Rags has scared up new apparel and posters for two cult classics, 1979’s ‘The Amityville Horror’ and the 1986 sequel to Tobe Hooper’s original cult classic ‘Poltergeist’, ‘Poltergeist II: The Other Side’. The new designs are on sale right now at the company’s official website. Come on inside for details and all the designs. Continue Reading →

COMICS: Classic Inspired Horror Anthology Comic ‘Burial Plots’ In The Works

April 20, 2016 by horrorbug | 0 comments

Burial PlotsFilmmakers Chris LaMartina and Jimmy George have unleashing a Kickstarter campaign for their new horror comic project ‘Burial Plots’. At the time of this writing, the campaign has already received funding well exceeding its goal and is still ongoing. Come on in for details and some rough sketches. If you like what you see, you can still get in on the action. Continue Reading →

COMICS: Graphic Horror Novel ‘Inheritance: The Binding Of Three’ Available Nationwide April

April 13, 2016 by horrorbug | 0 comments

Inheritance - CoverCreator James D. Schumacher III has unleashed Volume I of his graphic horror novel ‘Inheritance: The Binding of Three’. Working with graphic artist and co-creator James Burton, Schumacher has crafted a chilling tale combining a unique blend of abject horror and the very human struggles of coping with terminal cancer. Volume I of ‘The Binding of Three’ is available starting April 15 on Outpouring Comics as well as retail locations around New Jersey, Salt Lake City, and California. Come on inside for details. Continue Reading →

NEWS: Electric Zombie’s Halloween Line with Freddy Krueger, Monster Squad, Trick ‘r Treat

October 7, 2015 by horrorbug | 0 comments

Shirt PunchlinePop culture brand Electric Zombie is kicking off the Halloween season with a new line of apparel dedicated to all things spooky and monstrous. Perhaps the company’s most ambitious release to date, the massive line includes shirts, jackets, posters, pins, stickers and more. Over twenty new items are now available from the company’s official website. Come on inside for designs and details. Continue Reading →

COMICS: ‘Dark Moon’ Teleports into the Horror Comic Scene

October 31, 2014 by horrorbug | 0 comments

Dark Moon‘Dark Moon’ is a story about seven survivors of an earth-bound asteroid collision, who are able to teleport away in time to survive the impact.  They end up on a moon that was thought to have been able to support life, but before they can find out, their lives are threatened by the “native inhabitants” of Dark Moon. The first issue of ‘Dark Moon’ is now ready for digital release and its makers have created a motion book version combining horror art with music and motion. Come on inside for details. Continue Reading →

NEWS: EC Comics, Fright-Rags team up for Limited Edition Shirts

September 27, 2014 by horrorbug | 0 comments

Fright Rags - EC Comics - Box SetEC Comics was responsible for many of the most highly regarded horror, sci-fi and crime comic books of the 1940s and 1950s including the legendary ‘Tales from the Crypt’, ‘The Vault of Horror’, ‘The Haunt of Fear’, ‘Weird Science’ and ‘Crime SuspenStories’. Now celebrating its 70th anniversary, the influential company has teamed up with Fright-Rags for a line of limited edition apparel. Come on inside and check it out. Continue Reading →

NEWS: ‘Dark Moon’ adds a Musical Dimension to the Horror Comic Experience

July 8, 2014 by horrorbug | 0 comments

Dark Moon is a new comic by Freematik, which will be using music and sound FX as a central part of its reading experience. The print and digital versions will feature a downloadable soundtrack to listen to while reading, and there will also be an online version of the comic where the music is sequenced to the scenes, similar to a movie experience, while keeping the feel of reading a comic.  While this isn’t the first comic to incorporate music, the comics’ creator, Freematik, hopes to “go much further down the rabbit hole” than anyone else has attempted in the past, to create a truly immersive comic experience. Come on inside for more.

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NEWS: Asylum Press and Pretend For Real Studios Team Up to Develop New Horror Franchise ‘Rough House’

September 27, 2013 by horrorbug | 0 comments

Asylum Press and Pretend For Real Studios have released the trailer for their upcoming film, and several comic book preview pages for their latest horror franchise entitled ‘Rough House’, a gritty, action-packed horror movie and comic book series that examines innocent victims thrown into a caged fighting match with deranged serial killers where they fight to the death. Come inside to watch the trailer and get the scoop. Continue Reading →